Fitz and Guy fighting over a baguette

I don't know who would win in that fight

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if you don’t get the grades you want in high school it’s no one’s fault but your own don’t give me this “i wish people told me to do well in school” crap what the fuck kind of lazy ass teas

i love Charlotte more than I love my own self but this post is so
bc kids with unstable households and unsupportive parents are not given the opportunities to succeed in school. they are focused on emotional and physical survival…not studying. also the majority of kids who do well are well off or middle class kids who have been parented enough to learn good habits and organization skills. Besides the fact that kids with learning disabilities exist. And sometimes they are also poor. I don’t like how ableist/classist bs throws poor kids under the bus like “if you don’t get good grades you’re lazy!” Plus like grade systems in American schools are capitalist bullshit… just my onion tho

Filed under there are people whose fault it totally is that they fucked up but like there's also a lot of people like the above and maybe people who just plain don't fucking understand the material??? or in the case of certain classes where the material stacks up (like math) having had one bad teacher in the past can massively fuck you up later on there's just so much wrong with this post idk man don't get me wrong there are totally people who are lazy as shit but this was worded in a really absolute way and i just don't agree with it

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thank you followers for being really nice and generally great to talk to. tbh I was feeling kind of shitty earlier because my calculus course is kind of ridiculous, but i felt a lot better coming on here today. :)

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